357 Boracay

Boracay Beach Front Resort

357 boracay resort

357 Boracay Resort

Boracay Beach, Boracay Island, Philippines
Boracay Beach Front Resort – Map Area 4, 3 Star, 10 Rooms

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357 Boracay Resort: As award-winning resorts come and go over the years, there is one that just maintains its peerless service and uncompromising attention to detail that people will always come back to it. The 357 Boracay Beach Resort & Restaurant is one such award winning venue for accommodations. The high quality rooms are only matched by the service and great food that it provides all guests. It has become so popular that guests from other resorts can’t help but go there when they visit this island paradise.

357 Boracay Beach Resort

Even the most discerning visitor will be provided with the most excellent place in Boracay Island.

357 Boracay Beach Resort is a quaint beachfront hotel with 10 suite rooms situated closely to Station 3 of the popular White Beach of Boracay.

From the time that 357 Boracay Beach Resort opened its doors, it continuously won local and international awards for its outstanding personalized service and amenities with the best standards when it comes to sanitation and hygiene of all personnel and facilities.

The 357 Boracay Beach Resort has received the Most Outstanding Beach Resort Award (2001-2004) given by the National Consumer’s Council for the last four years. In 2004, the 357 Boracay Beach Resort also gains the Best Beach Resort Award from the Awards and Recognition Association of the Philippines (ARAP) and Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards.

Every 10 of the carefully decorated suites at 357 Boracay Beach Resort will let guests experience the feeling of being at home and the newest facilities for the most memorable island trip.

Every air-conditioned suite has its own private balcony, cable television as well as hot and cold shower. Comfortable beds, fluffy pillows, clean blankets and soft towels inclusive of the fundamental comforts that meets each visitor’s needs after a cool welcome drink greets them at the door.

Visitors at the 357 Boracay Beach Resort can also go on having fun in their vacation with the availability of other services like back-up generators, laundry service, telephone and fax facilities.

The sophisticated guests continue to look for fresh things to discover in every new visit and this is another reason why they continue to return to the 357 Boracay Beach Resort.

The aim for excellence can also be noticed in our menu selection. Every dish causes the senses to celebrate and palates to be suffused with all the delectable flavors.

357 Boracay Beach Resort has the only completely air-conditioned kitchen in the island. This shows how sincere this resort is to think of the sanitation and hygiene in the kitchen and the commitment in giving only the freshest ingredients in each dish it prepares.

Kitchen employees are trained to make sure that they implement food safety and prepare each dish in the menu with thorough care. Every dish is prepared by using the finest ingredients following more stringent food handling guidelines.

Our popular Chili Crabs has gained numerous commendations from local and foreign guests. Visitors from nearby resorts like to keep coming back because of our steaks, salads and pastas. Every guest in the 357 Boracay Beach Resort will definitely have a favorite dish from our menu. A truly great vacation is not just great places but great food as well.

Other services and amenities includes a world-class boutique resort hotel right on the beach, 10 entirely air-conditioned island luxury rooms, complete cable and TV facilities, videoke, bar/restaurant, 24 hour electricity service with two stand by generators, tiled bathrooms with hot and cold running water, game room equipped with pool table, telephone and fax facilities, ferry service to and from Caticlan and kalibo, Aklan, full laundry and pressing services, aqua-water sports available like scuba diving, parasailing, snorkeling and windsurfing. You can also have the island discovery tours and perfect personalized service which are all the reasons you need to try us and keep coming back for more.