Aquarius Marina Boracay

Beach Front Hotel
aquarius marina boracay resort

Aquarius Marina Boracay Resort

Aquarius Marina Boracay Hotel

Between Boat Station 1 and 2 – Prime Location, Boracay, Philippines
Beach Front Resort – Map Area 1, AA Rating, 3 Rooms

Aquarius Marina Boracay – Rates

Aquarius Marina Boracay Hotel is situated at the famed Boracay beach between Boracay Boat Station 1 and Boracay Boat Station 2 in the tropical paradise island of Boracay Philippines of the gorgeous archipelago of Asia.

aquarius marina boracay beach front, boracay beach, philippines

Aquarius Marina Boracay Beach Front

Aquarius Marina Boracay Hotel provides the comfort and style for the selective traveler who desires the perfect location on Boracay Beach with everything Boracay Island has to offer in walking distance; Prime Beach Location. For the holiday maker looking for really personal accommodations and not the usual overcrowded hotels and big resorts with noisy families and various mix of guests, the Aquarius Marina Boracay resort is like a breath of fresh air amidst all those tourist-laden big hotels. Here you get treated like royalty since there are only a few number of rooms and the staff can pay extra attention to each guest. When you wish to enjoy Boracay the right way, this is the place for you.

Aquarius Marina Boracay Boutique Hotel offers a pristine beach front location with the sand of the beach and ocean view just a few steps away from the room. Located on the ground floor are two restaurants under the ocean view suite which are “The Cafe Mediterranean – Flavors of the Sun with Greek Style food and TiBras French style crepes. Aquarius Marina rooms are located on the second floor which consist of two superior rooms and one ocean view suite with balcony above the famous Boracay Beach Walk.

Aquarius Marina Accommodations:

aquarius marina boracay suite room, boracay beach , philippines

Aquarius Marina Boracay Suite Room - Beach Front

The Aquarius Marina Boracay Resort has two high-quality rooms and one suite room which makes it an overall three room resort. Although, these rooms are placed in the heart of Boracay Beach Stations one and two. Each room includes cable television, electricity, hot and cold water and the usual amenities. Unfortunately, no refrigerator or safe keeping that can be used in any category although the receptionist can definitely help if you need something when it comes to this matter. This good-quality room is suitable for those people with a tight budget and would like to experience Boracay sand since this is just a tiny budget room.

When it comes to the suite room of the Aquarius Marina Boracay Resort, it’s quite huge and the veranda view is remarkable since it is facing the ocean. You cannot fully view this in any videos online or elsewhere and for my part, even people who have not yet stayed at this resort remark on the amazing view from the venue. This suite room has been recommended to many people and in more than a few cases, they have exclaimed there surprise at such wonderful accommodations. Most people really admire where the room was placed on the beach. There have never been any complaints received from any guest about Aquarius Marina Boracay Resort or negative feedback about it.

Aquarius Property Information:

aquarius marina boracay beachfront, boracay beach, philippines

Aquarius Marina Boracay Beachfront Resort

Small Resort
A small resort has a much more cherished atmosphere than a big resort giving you smaller number of rooms, staff members and/or services. There are also private bathroom facilities available in all rooms.

Deluxe Room-King Size Bed, Air – Conditioning, Cable TV with remote

Suite Room-King Size Bed, Air – Conditioning, Cable TV with remote

Mini-Bar (Ocean view balcony)

Rooms Available
There are 5 rooms available. Two budget rooms and a suite room on Boracay Beach and 2 standard rooms available at another mountain location which is non beach front and about 5 minutes walk to the beach which also involves about 70 steps up to this hillside location. Despite the steps, the view is incredible!
The Aquarius Marina Boracay Resort is situated at the heart of Boracay’s world renowned White Beach of Boracay. There are three newly built Mediterrean themed rooms with beach fronts and the other two rooms are located on a hillside with an added spacious terrace overlooking the beach itself and the ocean beyond it. Every room has air-conditioning and television, mini bar, wifi, coffee maker, hot and cold water and king size beds to fit any sized traveler or vacationer.

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Aquarius Marina Boracay Map

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Aquarius Marina Boracay Suite

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Aquarius Marina Boracay Facility

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