Asya Boracay Resort

Boracay Resorts, Philippines

asya boracay resort

Asya Boracay Resort

Between Bot Station 2 and 3, Boracay, Philippines
Non Beach front – Map Area 2-3, 4 Star, 20 Rooms

Aysa Boracay Resort Rates

Description: Even with all the flurry of activity that Boracay island is sometimes notorious for, there are still places where one can relax and soothe their nerves while communing with nature and re-connecting to our aquatic origins. Asya Boracay resort near Stations 2 and 3 gives the avid vacationer a refuge away from the commotion and noise of the usual beach hotspots. But at the same time, it’s not so far away that guests will still find it accessible to all the local dining places and bars should they choose to.

Come Stay At Asya Boracay Beach Resort

Welcome to Boracay’s most modern and chic resort, Asya Boracay offers all vacationers and guests lavish and comfortable getaways for the most discerning holiday makers from across the globe who wish to see and feel for themselves what Boracay is all about.

Sitting leisurely in the middle of Boracay’s boat stations two and three, this plush sanctuary is a just a short walk from the pulsating night life with the best cocktails and fine dining restos that the island can provide. But inside the resort, guests will still get the peace, luxury and great amenities that a relaxing holiday should have.

Lush greeneries will take guests from the concrete surroundings to the ideal tropical setting, combining verdant gardens in each little nook and cranny with the luxurious fixtures that make up a special kind of cozy luxuriousness.

Every room at the Asya Boracay is filled with refined furnishings and decors. You will see and get to use nicely designed chairs, beds, tables all carefully selected to make the vacationer feel comfortable. Guests can even check in while already inside the room while taking relaxing sips from the included mini-bar which comes free for the first day of their stay.

Being able to think ahead for the requirements of each visitor is the primary role of Asya Boracay. If you need to make alterations to your travel plans, have massage at the pool, schedule tours or water sports and other activities, there’s a free concierge service which will do all of that for the guest so they can fully maximize their fun and enjoyment of the island.

Each room at Asya Boracay comes with all the expected accoutrements, including what a traveler should expect from any resort or hotel. There are free sandals and beach bags the guests can use so they can avoid dirtying their own. The resort even provides transportation services so that you can tour the island at your own pace and convenience.

As for food and drinks, Asya Boracay has one of the best restaurants in Boracay called Travesia which has international cuisine as well as Euro-Asian dishes. Apart from the delectable meals from this restaurant are other Italian inspired dishes from the Bravo! Pizzeria and Ristorante which is directly connected to the resort and promises some amazing meals that any food connoisseur would find delicious.

Regardless if you just want to soak up the sun while staying within Asya Boracay’s plush environs, or if you prefer to enjoy the vibrant nightlife that Boracay is also famous for, this resort can give it all amidst a soothing ambiance and memorable tropical holiday.