balinghai beach boracay philippines

Balinghai Beach Boracay Philippines

Aklan, Boracay Island, Philippines

Balinghai Beach Boracay Philippines : For those who really want some privacy and even a bit if uniqueness to their stay in Boracay Island while on holiday, Balinghai Beach Boracay Philippines is the one place where seclusion and comfort amidst the sound of the waves and the sight of the crystalline waters can make your tropical island vacation one that you will remember for life, no matter how many other beaches and vacations you take.

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Balinghai Beach Boracay Philippines

Situated in the northernmost end of Boracay, Balinghgai Beach Boracay Philippines is more easily reached by getting on one of the “paraws” a form of outrigger canoe and rowing it from White Beach on the other side. As dusk comes, you will get the sensation of being in a secluded native island away from civilization. Even while there are paths which will help guests get to the beach and the only resort on that side, only other visitors will be present most of the time.

Balinghai Beach resort

Balinghai Beach Resort, Boracay Philippines

This side of the island on Balinghai Beach Boracay can seem so mystifying that even the meals and refreshments are transported to the guests with a basket, rope and pulley system. All you need to do is ring a bell and the meals are delivered in this unique fashion.

Regardless at being in a relatively isolated area of Boracay, going to Balinghai Beach can be an experience worth taking. The resort there has bungalow-type cottages which have a great view of the entire beach. It is the ideal getaway for vacationers who want to remain private and still find everything within easy reach and availability.

Balinghai Beach Boracay’s resort is able to offer an unconventional choice of accommodations, which is a way to escape the cacophony of sounds and people in the other, more popular beaches of Boracay. Guests can choose from 6 Double-A rated rooms which all have stunning panoramas of the beach and outlying cove. Built in 2 levels, the accommodations in Balinghai Beach Boracay offer roomy beds and resting areas, private toilets and bathrooms and each have their own balconies.

Balinghai Beach Boracay Rock House

balinghai beach boracay map

Balinghai Beach Boracay Map

This is a very spacious house placed on top of a rock 10 meters away from Balinghai beach itself, with an enormous view over the sea. Bedroom has double bed for 2 persons with possibility of extra bed for kids. Guests can get this room for less than a hundred dollars in the peak season and as low as sixty during the slow or off peak times of the year.

Balinghai Beach Boracay Tree House

Just as the name suggests, this cottage is built within canopy of a large tree. Outside is a terraced garden, 25 meters on top of the beach, lays this two-bedroom house. The veranda has a kitchen and, as the name says, a tree. One bedroom contains a double bed and the other has place for two grownups or four small children. This is a bit higher, but still quite affordable.

Balinghai Beach Boracay Bat House

This cottage spreads its wings like a bat and lies on the hill resting 12 meters over a small beach. Lying on the bed, your feet seem to touch the ocean. Bedroom contains a double bed for two persons, with a possibility for 1 extra bed. It’s priced similarly to the Rock House, making it very reasonable, even for those on a budget.

Staying at Balinghai Beach Boracay is very convenient with this available resort right on the beach itself. The cottages can be rented separately and can be used by the maximum allowable persons who will stay there. The resort accepts payment by credit cards.

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