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Latest Boracay Beach Camera News

Boracay Beach : Boracay camera operating at Boat Station 2 in front of the famous Red Coconut Boracay Resort has the capability of taking 12 mega pixel pictures from the boracay website viewing page. SEE Boracay Camera link below. Your friends can actually stand in front of the camera and you will have the options of taking their picture while they wave at you or see boracay weather . You will also be able to write directly on to the picture and email the picture to who ever you like. We have created a special section in our site called , “Boracay Hall Of Fame”, where we will place all pictures taken by people surfing at boracay beach camera web page. In the future, we will have a contest with prizes for the best picture.

Boracay Beach Future – Boracay Camera Plans

TravelOnline is planning on adding a second camera on Boracay Beach. The plans are to have one camera pointing to the beach. Then, a second camera pointing towards Red Coconut bar on the beach walk. TravelOnline hopes that people will see loved ones and friends come to the camera to say hi. Waving to all their friends at home! The planned upgrade should happen some time in 2017.

The new beach camera will have a wide lens to expand the view point of website visitors. The new camera will also bring up contrast giving a clearer picture. Travelonline prays that this will increase interest in Boracay Island. Thus, the increase of Philippines Tourism in Boracay.

The Boracay Camera will also be a nice tool in seeing the weather. As you may know, the weather in Manila is always different than on Boracay Island. It could be raining in Manila and sunny on Boracay. For those who like to storm watch, the camera will allow you to watch typhoons in the comfort of your home.

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