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boracay white beach, Boracay Island, Philippines

Boracay white Beach Philippines is perhaps the most well known of the Boracay beaches.  White Beach is that long strip of sand which is just a slice of heaven on earth for any person who loves the sun and the sand. Its prime location has made it a Mecca for tourists both locally and internationally and it becomes filled by visitors during the two seasons of the year when vacationers make the most of their holidays. White Beach Boracay is that proverbial and picturesque setting which we often see in postcards and videos depicting the beach.

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Boracay White Beach

This is the most well known and beautiful beaches on Boracay Philippines, White Beach is home to many kinds of business like resorts, restaurants, bars and shopping stalls. It is also the best venue to enjoy the water and sand of Boracay and have fun doing the many beach sports and activities which the island is famous for. And also, White Beach is in the best spot, making it very convenient to get to, especially for those who are visiting the island for the first time. Boracay white beach is better known as “Boracay Beach”.

Location of White Beach

white beach boracay map

White Beach Boracay Map – Boracay Beach

Found in west Boracay, White Beach is very convenient to locate. If you’ve never been there, White Beach is actually the easiest to find. Guests who usually arrive from the nearby jetty of Caticlan island can just go straight to it by tricycle or van from the Boracay Jetty Port. But if you are already on the island, hail a tricycle or Jeepney which all travel the main road of Boracay.

White Beach Attractions

Measuring almost 4 kilometers long, White Beach is the choice spot for many of the best resorts, diving shops and schools, along with other commercial places of the island. Some of the ideal hotels are located in White Beach’s Station One and one can choose based on their budget or preference. Although there are also great venues for accommodations at Boat Stations 2 and 3 where many Inns, Lodges and Villas are also located along with a few of the first class, somewhat pricier resorts.

At the same time, business travelers and holidaymakers will have a great time relaxing and having fun with all of the beach and water sports which are available on White Beach. Guests can expect the usual such as wind surfing, jet skiing, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and the like. Apart from the amazing variety of people who you will see at white beach, it’s also a great place to go on an island hop or have a picnic on.

White Beach Restaurants And Food

There are infinite choices of food on Boracay’s White Beach. Some places are quite popular with the locals and foreigners alike and range from the somewhat pricey to the reasonably priced and downright dirt cheap places which serve the best roasted chicken or other local fare. Of course, the more fine dining inclined tourist can also have a great gastronomic experience at many of the fully air conditioned restaurants found on the beach which serve international cuisine.

White Beach Shopping

In terms of buying all the essentials for one’s tropical vacation, White Beach has everything you need. There’s even the D’Mall which is at the heart of Boracay and has many shops and stalls which sell anything that guests will want. Clothes, bathing suits, sandals, sun tan lotion. You can also have your pictures printed, get a haircut and buy some souvenirs to remember your trip. And then there is the local wet market where you can get the freshest seafood, meat and fruits to cook and prepare at your own leisure.

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