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Bulabog Beach, Area 4

Bulabog Beach Resorts, Area 5, Off White Beach, is a up and coming area revolving around water sports. Bulabog Beach is a secondary beach on Boracay island which does not even come close in comparison with White Beach or as the world knows it, “Boracay Beach”. Bulabog is the second larges beach on the island which is known by locals as, “Sport Beach”. Bulabog received the name Sport Beach because it has the best wind in the world for Kite Board Sailing where you can find an instructor anywhere to teach you this exciting sport. The Beach also offers great windsurfing, jet skiing, sailing and more. However, it is advised to wear a wet suit while in the water due to sea urchins and jelly fish. The beach is swimmable but not recommended. It’s mainly a sport beach water activity area with its main strength being wind. If you are seeking sports and a quiet surrounding then this is the spot for you. Boracay Beach is only about 10 minutes walk from the center of Bulabog Beach.

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Bulabog Beach Resorts, Area 5, Off White Beach Map

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Area 1, White Beach, Boat Station 1 – Exclusive Area, Best White Sand

Area 2, White Beach, Boat Station 2 – Nightlife Area, Many Restaurants

Area 3, White Beach, Boat Station 3 – Developing Area, Lower Rates

Area 4, Bulabog Beach Area – Sport Beach, Underdeveloped Area

Area 5, Off White Beach – Secluded Area, Private

Area 5, Diniwid Beach – Secluded Area, Private, Quiet, Cozy Beach

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