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Cebu Pacific Air - Philippines Domestic Airlines

Cebu Pacific Airlines on March 1996, entered the market with a promise to give “low fare, great value” to every person who wanted to fly. After offering low fares to domestic destinations, CEB launched its international operations on November 2001. Cebu pacific Air flies only to Kalibo Airport for flights to Boracay on the award winning A320 Airbus that holds approximately 179 passengers. Cebu Pacific Air is known for its 1 peso fare promo, Go fares and Go Lite fares with no luggage. CEB is also known for having the cheapest flights to Boracay. . More information see boracay flights.

Schedules are approximate and not guaranteed, it is subject to change without prior notice and CEBU PACIFIC AIR assumes no responsibility or liability for any loss incurred by the passengers as a result of such change. CEBU PACIFIC AIR shall not assume any responsibility for any misconnection on flight; international or domestic, as booked on other airlines. Passengers are advised to book their return flight at least a day earlier to avoid flight misconnection.

Cebu Pacific Ticketing

Cebu Pacific Air: Aircraft used on Boracay Route

Cebu Pacific Air: A320 Airbus

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Cebu Pacific Airlines - A320 Airbus

A320 Airbus has a commodious cargo hold equipped with large doors to assist in expedient loading and unloading of goods. The A320 Airbus provides customers with added space and comfort, reduced noise levels in the community we serve and allows Cebu Pacific Air to operate a more cost efficient and reliable fleet. Cebu Pacific Air operates a fleet of 21 Airbus (10 A319 and 11 A320) and 8 ATR 72-500 aircraft, the youngest fleet in the Philippines. With the completion of the re-fleeting program, our capacity has doubled. Zest Air Special Points

Average Ticket Cost – Average Flight Time – Approximate Flight Schedule

The ticket to fly on Cebu Pacific Air will cost between PHP2,000 – PHP10,000 per person. The rule of thumb is to purchase as far forward as possible. Take note that there is many promo’s on this airline but its hard to get. Cebu Pacific Air has an average flight time of about 1 hour regardless of aircraft. There is approximately 2 roundtrip flights a day to Kalibo Airport ONLY.

Luggage Restrictions per person

Each ticket is allowed 15 Kilos or approximately 33 pounds. If you exceed this weight limitation be prepared to hand carry the excess to avoid charge or pay approximately PHP100-300 per kilo depending on the price of the day. Directors Note: If you are a large family of 5, you can pool your weight limit together for a total of 50 kilos so if one person in your family is overweight they can use some of the other persons limitations to avoid charges, but if this scenario exceeded 50 kilos then they would be charged.

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