diniwid beach boracay philippines

Diniwid Beach Boracay Philippines

Diniwid Beach Boracay Philippines is located next to White Beach which know as, “Boracay Beach”. Diniwid Beach is a small 100-300 meter beach which is actually a small version of White Beach. This Boracay beach can be access by Tricycle which is approximately a 10-15 minutes travel time from Boracay D’Mall (Major Shopping Area) which is at the center of White Beach, Boat Station 2 or a person can walk around to White Beach via a footpath carved into the rock face cliff which is only about 5 – 10 minutes. This walk is a must do whether you stay on Diniwid Beach or Boracay Beach because its beauty is breathtaking giving many picture opportunities.

Diniwid Beach is home to such resorts as Nami Boracay (Resort 150 up on a cliff), Artista Boracay (Cosy and Quiet), Microtel Boracay (Great beach front swimming pool), Boracay Spider House (Native style resort) and Boracay West Cove Resort which is said to be the resort of Manny Pacquiao. If your looking for seclusion, privacy, peaceful bliss and want to get away from the night life and relax than this is the spot for you.

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Diniwid Beach Boracay Philippines Map Location

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Off White Beach, Area 5 Diniwid Beach Boracay Philippines

Diniwid Beach as you can see in the picture to the right is located in area 5 depicted on the map. If you are staying in Boracay in section 1,2 and 3 then simply walk out to Boracay Beach and turn right. You will see cliffs and jagged rocks at the end. If you walk toward the cliffs, you will discover that there is a beautiful trail carved in the rock cliff. For those who love to take pictures, this gives endless opportunity for some great pictures.

The trail will take you directly to Diniwid Beach. Do not worry, the trail is very safe. The picture above depicts a low tide situation, but whether it is low tide or high tide the trail is safe to walk.

Diniwid Beach Boracay Resorts

Diniwid Beach Resorts Include:

  • Nami Boracay
  • Artista boracay
  • Boracay West Cove
  • Microtel Boracay
  • Boracay Spider House
  • Orinda Beach Resort
  • The Beach House Boracay

Diniwid Beach – Must See – Recommendationsspider house boracay resort

  1. Boracay Spider House : This is an extremely unusual Boracay Resort that has a huge bar and restaurant built right into a sea cliff. The ocean water literally flows under the resort. I recommend going with your bathing suit on, grab a table, order some food / beers and take a swim right off the restaurant. They allow you to swim right there as long as you are a customer ordering something.
  2. Nami Boracay – If you want to ride the cliff elevator that takes you straight up to Nami Boracay Resort, go have lunch. Nami Boracay has a wide variety of food at a reasonable price. They also have a bar. From the cliff restaurant, you can shoot some amazing pictures. You can see for miles and miles! Dine right on the cliff edge! I have (TravelOnline Admin) have personally stayed at this Boracay resort many times. It is a great getaway for couples!
  3. Boracay West Cove – This resort is very unusual. It like you stepped into the Lord of The Rings in Hobbit land. They do have a cover charge to enter the resort but it is consumable. (Cover charge may have changed) They have restaurant, bar and you are allowed to swim there as a customer. getting there is very interesting! You literally have to pass through a cave and take this cool trail to get to its front gates. This is a hidden gem that not to many people know about.
  4. Artista Boracay Resort – This is a cool resort to check out. It was designed by the owner “Jimmy” who is a artist. he has created so really cool designs in the resort that are one of a kind. (Check out the stairs in the lobby) – i personally like going on their roof deck and ordering there famous salami and cheese snack with a beer. (Good Stuff – super high quality)

Diniwid Beach has more attractions but these are just the highlights. Great getaway place to stay or visit as a couple. There are tricycle taxi’s that you can take if walking is not your thing. I personally love walking this stretch as opposed to taxi.

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