Jay Jays Club Boracay

Non Boracay Beach Front Resort - Hilltop

jay jays club boracay resort

Jay Jays Club Boracay

Located Near Boat Station 1, Boracay, Philippines
Non Beach front – Map Area 1, AA Resort, 5 Rooms

Jay Jays Club Boracay Rates

Jay Jays Club Boracay Resort Description: If you’re getting a bit tired from all the noise and people during your tropical getaways, Jay Jays Club Boracay offers an appealing alternative of peace and relaxation while sampling a taste of the easygoing island life we all wish we could experience for the rest of our lives. Here, you can have access to the beach and all of the fun activities you can do there while retiring in soothing accommodations at night, a perfect end to perfect days on holiday.

Jay Jays Club Boracay Resort

Owned and managed by a Swiss gentleman and his family, Jay Jays Club Boracay resort is that small hotel which is the perfect place to meet and greet old and new friends while avoiding the crowds and incessant racket on the beach itself. This is a place of tranquillity and relaxation for the vacationer who wants to enjoy the peace of the island life.

jay jays club boracay
Jay Jays Club Boracay Resort, Boracay Philippines

This resort first had its humble beginnings in the year 2007, it was originally a movie bar and restaurant for tourists to hang out and enjoy great meals. It was right on White Beach itself. Then, after it closed the owner got a chance to open his own small beach resort to provide vacationers and holiday makers a more soothing place to stay, away from the hustle and bustle of the beach all the time.

It all began with a tiny clubhouse and 2 economy-class accommodations on the upper floor and a living room/lounge on the first floor which housed complete kitchen facilities for all kinds of international dishes and local favourites. There’s also a billiard table for players, a Jacuzzi tub for people wanting to relax, the ample swimming pool, flat screen cable television, wireless internet access, phone facilities, a working business centre and of course a dining room for all the guests.

From 2009, Jay Jays Club Boracay has added a large building next to the swimming pool. This has spacious rooms with full sized kitchens, bedrooms for all members of a group of friends or family, a common area, dining areas and even big bathrooms. There are balconies for each room where guests can enjoy looking at the pool. It’s your home away from home, but even better.

With the coming of dusk, guests can go up to the roof deck on top of the main hotel. There, you can get great cocktails and drinks while enjoying the sunset or watching the activities down below or to just spend some alone time with that special someone. During the day, guests can watch the whole stretch of white beach from this vantage point. Photography enthusiasts and professionals will have a grand time taking great pictures of the great views. From here, guests can also soak up the sun or take a nice cool shower right on the roof deck.

Jay Jays Club Boracay boasts the following amenities:

* Located on a hill top with amazing views of the island, the beach and even the nearby Panay island group.
* Just a short walk away from world famous White Beach and ten minutes to the nearest and biggest shopping center, bars and music lounges.
* When you’re tired of the noise, the resort gives you some tranquility and peace to rest in.
* Reasonably priced rooms, value –added services for all guests to enjoy.

If you’re staying at Jay Jays Club Boracay, you can enjoy the following as well:

– Big clubhouse with games, billiards, etc.
– Swimming pool for adults and kids to cool off after a long hot day.
– Swim-up bar and coffee station.
– Al fresco dining near the pool area as well.
– Wireless internet accessibility night and day.
– Laundry and shoe cleaning services
– A complete kitchen for all kinds of dishes
– Flat screen cable television viewing for all the best shows
– Seven hundred square meters of lush greenery all around the property.

Jay Jays Club Facilities

Facilities: Clubhouse, Swimming Pool with Full Size Jacuzzi, Swim-up Pool and Coffee Bar, Alfresco Dining on Customers Request, Internet Access 24h, Reception, Laundry, Lobby with Billiard Table, Full Sized Kitchen and LCD Cable TV surrounded from 700 Sq. M. Tropical Garden.
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Jay Jays Club Rooms

Budget Room: 20 Sq. M. Air-conditioned  Room with King Size Bed, Hot Water, Cable TV, Mini Bar under a 4 M. Cogon Roof with a small Veranda overlooking the Pool Area.
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Standard Room: 42 Sq. M. Air-conditioned Apartment with King Sized Bed, Hot Water and Cable TV with own 30 Sq. M. Veranda overlooking the White Beach Boracay and Panay Island.
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Suite: 105 Sq. M. Air-conditioned 3 Room Apartment with 2 Queen Sized Bedrooms, Hot Water, Cable TV, Mini Bar and Big Kitchen in the Living Area, own 16 Sq. M. Veranda and participating from 105 Sq. M Roof Top Terrace overlooking the White Beach Boracay and Panay Island.
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