Nigi Nigi Boracay

Beach Front Boracay Resort

nigi nigi boracay

Nigi Nigi Boracay

Boat Station 2, Map Area 2, Boracay, Philippines
Boracay Beach Front Resort –  2 Star, 20 Cottage Type Rooms

Nigi Nigi Boracay Rates

Nigi Nigi Boracay Description: For the budget conscious vacationer looking for the best value for money that he or she can get in terms of staying in Boracay on holiday, there are few places as high in quality service yet reasonably priced as Nigi Nigir Boracay resort.  Even with its enviable location near the White Beach portion of the island, it can still provide the weary traveler affordable room rates and great amenities that will make one’s holiday something to remember and return to every year.

Nigi Nigi Boracay Resort

Boracay Island is where the Nigi Nigi Boracay Resort is situated as well as the Boracay Beach Resort and Hotels. It has luxurious rooms that have been designed in local ways with South East Asian themed structural design. The facilities sit over verdant greeneries right in the middle of world renowned white beach on Boracay Island.

nigi nigi boracay resort

Nigi Nigi Boracay Resort

Nigi Nigi Boracay Resort is an intimate place which is made up of 20 well-appointed rooms. The resort can give its guest tailor-fit services which are essential to making certain that all vacationers have a holiday they will remember for a long time.

Merging the well-known hospitality of Filipinos with highly effective services ensures that every visitor to Nigi Nigi Boracay Resort will experience comfort and convenience in their tropical vacation from the friendly resort personnel who will be more than happy to make all the arrangements for all types of water sports or tours around the island.

Even though visitors are enjoying their dinners while also comfortably experiencing the lush plant life under the comfy balconies, guests are just a short walk away from the actual waters of the beach while staying at Nigi Nigi Boracay Resort.

People staying at the resort can also avail of the usual value added services like the in-house travel agency, fast internet access, and even the healing massage facilities.

During the day time, Nigi Nigi Boracay Resort’s restaurant right on the beach as well as the beach bar are the best places to recline and enjoy the day for both foreign and local tourists. After watching the beautiful sunset of Boracay, the venue becomes host to a pulsating night spot.

The whole island of Boracay now boasts more than 350 beach hotels and resorts and an excess of 2,000 various accommodations from 5 star to very affordable accommodations to provide all kinds of vacationers choices for their stay in Boracay. Nigi Nigi Boracay resort is just one of those values for money resorts which can provide all the needs of holiday makers.

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