Philippines Installment Plan

Travel Now - Pay Later

Philippines Installment Plan

Philippines Installment Plan

Travel Now – Pay Later

Philippines Installment Plan is presented by TravelOnline and can only be obtained if processed by TravelOnline. The Installment Plan is NOT just for Boracay Travel. Any card holder MAY USE the Installment Plan by TravelOnline to ANY destination in the world. Clients can now put ANY aspect of there travel Package or airline tickets completely on the installment.

Take Note: If you do not see your bank below, call us and inquiry when it will be available.

TRAVEL NOW PAY LATER – Installment Plans
3  Months to pay+ 3.5%  of Cash Discounted Price
6  Months to pay+ 6.5%  of Cash Discounted Price
9  Months to pay+ 9.5%  of Cash Discounted Price
12 Months to pay+12.5% of Cash Discounted Price
18 Months to pay+16.5% of Cash Discounted Price
24 Months to pay

+21.5% of Cash Discounted Price






Example Computation ONLY: Total Package Cost Php 10,000 + 6.5% Fee for 6 months Installment = Php10,650 / 6 months = Php 1775 per month will be charge on your credit card for 6 months.

Installment Plan Note:

* Valid for Allied , PNB , Metrobank, Union Bank, BPI & PSBANK credit card Holders only (No card – No Installment)

* The Credit Card must be issued in the Philippines

* The Charge will be posted on your next Billing cycle

* Allied, Union Bank & PNB credit card payments will be process online . We will give you a form that you need to fill out . You need to sign it and send it back to us with a copy of your valid ID and credit card.

* Metrobank & PSBANK card holders must Physically swipe there credit card on our corporate office . Reservation must be done through customer service 1st before payment. Once reservation is finalyze our agent will set an appointment for you to visit our office to process your payment.