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Puka Beach Boracay Philippines

Aka Puka Shell Beach

Puka Beach Boracay Philippines : Rumor has it that Boracay Island first became popular when several wealthy people were brought to Puka Beach Boracay Philippines and were so enthralled by the abundance of the beautiful shells that they decided to visit the other parts of the island and saw how perfect it was for tropical holidays and as a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city and they began promoting it to friends and family. This is certainly true as the millions of people who’ve stayed in Puka Beach Boracay Philippines over the decades can attest.

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Puka Beach Boracay Philippines Information

Puka Shell Beach Boracay is very different from the many beaches on Boracay. This beach manifests the belief of many people of a tropical paradise with white sand, blue water and fairly unoccupied or the proverbial deserted island. This large part of the land is the place where inhabitants meet to collect Puka shells which is where the name of the beach came from.

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Boracay Island, Puka Beach

Puka Beach Boracay Philippines is also positioned as the second longest beach with a total of 800 meters of land area encompassing half of the island’s northern tip. This part of the island has grainy sand and more silica. You can only hear the sound of soft and gentle waves touching the white sand of the beach as compared to other beaches, making it more tranquil.

Here, waters are deeper and rougher than other beaches in Boracay. The sand in this beach is not as white as those found on White Beach. But, the tranquility of the surroundings and amazing sunset can make your vacation very memorable.

This beach is famous for having plenty of puka shells which is known all over the world for being made into jewelry accessories and ornaments. People who are fascinated with jewelries think that if it is made from puka shells then it will not be damaged even after a lengthy transport. Because of this, a vacation to Puka Beach Boracay is not fully satisfying unless you visit the shops that sell genuine puka shells and items made from them.

If you are preparing to spend the day at Puka Beach Boracay and take your lunch then it is advisable to have foods and cold drinks readily available. Compare to busy White Beach places, this one is not. Apart from this, no resorts and establishments can also be found on the beach and it is entirely separated from the rest of the island.

But, there is a great place in Puka Beach Boracay and the only restaurant that can fulfill your tummy’s cravings. This restaurant is famous for serving very tasty food. Those most selling cuisines in Tesebels include garlic prawns, calamares and crabs.

People who want to see Puka Shell Beach Boracay Philippinesfor the first time have a choice of many different forms of transportation. You can take a tricycle (a motorcycle with a covered sidecar) by land. For those thrill seekers, you can rent an all terrain vehicle, bicycle or motorbike to reach the beach. If you would like to see more of the island’s fascinating views, you can rent a banca or paraw which is a canoe-type boat that people can paddle.

Although, it is advisable for visitors to make arrangements with boats or tricycle drivers during the off peak season to fetch them every now and then since there are only a few means of transportation on this island. The trip to Puka Beach Boracay from White Beach itself takes about half an hour.

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