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SeAir Airlines

South East Asian Airlines

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SeAir Airlines - South East Asian Airlines

SeAir Airlines: South East Asian Airlines is one of the premier Domestic Airlines in the Philippines with an outstanding flight record for safety. SeAir Airlines boast of it new Dornier 328 as being the fastest flight to Caticlan Airport which is located on Panay Island in the province of Aklan just a 5 minute van ride to the boat jetty and 20 minutes by banka boat to Boracay Island. The Caticlan Airport Route is the most recommended route to Boracay and the fastest route. See Boracay Flights for more information. SeAir Airlines has approximately 10 round trip flights to Caticlan Airport from Manila and approximately 1 fight from Clark on Tuesday and Friday with return to Clark on Monday and Thursday and from Cebu 1 roundtrip flight only on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Schedules are approximate and not guaranteed, it is subject to change without prior notice and SEAIR assumes no responsibility or liability for any loss incurred by the passengers as a result of such change. SEAIR shall not assume any responsibility for any misconnection on flight; international or domestic, as booked on other airlines. Passengers are advised to book their return flight at least a day earlier to avoid flight misconnection.

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SeAir Airlines: Aircraft used on Boracay Route

seair airlines south east asian airlines

SeAir Airlines - South East Asian Airlines

SeAir Airlines uses the Dornier 328 which is a German built new generation aircraft with 32 passenger seats. It is one of the fastest and most advanced jet props in the world. The boasted time to fly to Boracay is 35 minutes but in reality it’s more like 50 minutes. The seats are comfortable and the air conditioning is strong.

Directors Note: Since the flight is very short it does not give time to complain about any matters. It’s short and sweet! I personally like to fly SeAir because of its outstanding safety record and no reported crashes or mishaps. The ticket is more but safety always cost a little more. Seair provides that little extra that out shines its competition. The other added benefit is that SeAir gets me to Boracay fast and in the most convenient manner unlike the Kalibo Airport Route which involves a rigorous 2 hour bus ride to the Aklan Boat Jetty to Boracay Island. I personally don’t think the saving on airline tickets are worth flying to Kalibo and you lose so much precious vacation time traversing across country.

Seair Special Points

Average Ticket Cost – Average Flight Time – See Approximate Flight Schedule Picture (subject to change)

The ticket to fly on Seair airlines will cost between PHP5,000 – PHP15,000 per person. The rule of thumb is to purchase as far forward as possible. Take note that there is rarely any promo on this airline and to wait for one is just waiting in vain. SeAir airlines claims to be the best and the price reflects their concept. The flight time ranges from the boasted 35 minutes to 1 hour but most flights average about 50 minutes. See picture of route schedule for boracay which can change without notice. The picture is designed to give you an idea of how many flights a day.

seair airlines schedule boracay

seair airlines schedule boracay

Luggage Restrictions per person

Each ticket is allowed 10 Kilos or approximately 22 pounds. If you exceed this weight limitation be prepared to hand carry the excess to avoid charge or pay approximately PHP100-300 per kilo depending on the price of the day. Directors Note: If you are a large family of 5, you can pool your weight limit together for a total of 50 kilos so if one person in your family is overweight they can use some of the other persons limitations to avoid charges, but if this scenario exceeded 50 kilos then they would be charged.

Holiday Travel

If you are flying on a holiday date such as Christmas Dec. 15 – Jan. 15 the tickets will cost more and go fast so always purchase far in advance. This thinking applies to Boracay Resorts also.

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