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TravelOnline Youtube was created in March 28, 2009. TravelOnline Philippines Travel Agency has been in business since 2002. Over the years, we have travel to many Philippines Destinations. We have filmed many exotic places in the Philippines. Our TravelOnline Youtube Channel has archived vast amount of videos. TravelOnline specializes in video taping resorts with no warning. We wish to show exactly what you should expect at any given visit. One of the things we like to do is to video tape room walk through’s. This way you can see exactly what you will get from a third party aspect. There is zero fluff and no set up! What we video tape is what is presented to us.

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TravelOnline TV Youtube has 100’s of Boracay Resort videos. Once you know the resort you like and find a room, you can actually watch the Boracay Resort Room video and see your room. We have accomplished room walk through videos to almost every Boracay Resort on Boracay Island. Another name for the Youtube Channel is “TravelOnline TV”.  Travelonline was premiered on local TV Channels such as GMA , ABS CBN and others.  We have done many episodes with the TV show, “Day Off”.  Actually two episodes of “Day Off” on Boracay Beach!

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