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Boracay Boat Station 2

Area 2, White Beach, Boat Station 2 to 3

White Beach Boracay Resorts, Boat Station 2 to 3, Area 2 (See White Beach Map Below), is directly in the middle of White Beach or as the travel industry names this beach, “Boracay Beach”. The Heart of Boracay lies here at boat station 2 where all the action is located. This area has the most Boracay Resorts, Most Restaurants, Most Beach Bar not to mention you can find live entertainment from Fire Dancers to Live Band Performances nightly. The Boracay Hotels range from 1 Star to 5 Star so it is extremely easy to meet your nightly budget with the perfect Boracay Resort. Our TravelOnline Agents are experts at getting you the best resort, best promo, best deal based on your travel budget. Area 2 is also home to TravelOnline, Boracay Beach Live Camera that streams “LIVE” 24 Hours A day. See Now! – Boracay Beach Live

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White Beach Boracay Resorts, Area 2

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Area 1, White Beach, Boat Station 1 – Exclusive Area, Best White Sand

Area 2, White Beach, Boat Station 2 – Nightlife Area, Many Restaurants

Area 3, White Beach, Boat Station 3 – Developing Area, Lower Rates

Area 4, Bulabog Beach Area – Sport Beach, Underdeveloped Area

Area 5, Off White Beach – Secluded Area, Private

Area 5, Diniwid Beach – Secluded Area, Private, Quiet, Cozy Beach

White Beach Boracay Resorts, Area 2 List

Boracay Beach Front Resorts

boracay regency resort

Boracay Regency Resort

Boracay Regency Resort is a beach front resort located at Boat station 2 or area 2 of the Boracay Map. This is considered a 5 Star Boracay resort with 285 well designed rooms. This Boracay resort offers 3 swimming pools, many restaurants, beach front location and beach area equipment, bars, and every meal is buffet. Rated as one of the best Top 10 Boracay resorts on Boracay Island, Philippines. (Prime Location)
Boracay Regency Resort Boracay Regency Resort Rates
red coconut boracay resort

Red Coconut Boracay

Red Coconut Boracay Resort is a beach front Boracay Resort located between boat station 1 and 2 and in area 2 of our Boracay Map. The resort lies right on the beach walk with almost every room facing the ocean with swimming pool on the beach. This Boracay resort offers a prime beach front location with beach equipments, 45 rooms, pool, popular “Coco’s Beach Bar”, Ocean view, buffet and menu meals and more. (Prime Location)
Red Coconut Boracay Resort Red Coconut Boracay Resort Rates
la carmela de boracay resort

La Carmela Boracay

La Carmela De Boracay Resort is a Boracay Beach Front Resort located between Boat Station 2 and 3 and is actually in area 3 of our Boracay Map. This Boracay resort has 200 rooms of various categories, 2 swimming pools, beach front area, buffet dining and menu, pool bar and more. The property is considered an affordable resort and highly popular among the locals. This resort has also been a popular spot for Filipino Celebrities and the Fashion World.
La Carmela De Boracay La Carmela De Boracay Resort Rates
aquarius marina boracay, boracay resort, boracay hotel

Aquarius Marina Boracay

Aquarius Marina Boracay Resort is a beach front Boracay Resort located between boat station 1 and 2 and is situated right on the beach walk with ocean view from the beautiful suite room. This Boracay resort offers two (2) budget rooms and one (1) suite room for 3 rooms total. This boutique hotel does not serve breakfast but there is many next door along the beach. Prime location for someone on a budget, but demands a beach front room. (Prime Location and Budget)
Aquarius Marina Boracay Aquarius Marina Boracay Rates
boracay regency lagoon resort

Boracay Regency Lagoon

Boracay Regency Lagoon Resort is a non boracay beach front resort which haas 120 rooms and is rated 5 star. This resort is just a couple minutes walk to the beach or a guest can take the fast resort shuttle. All Roomes have lagoon pool view and all meals are buffet. Private high end resort for those who like privace with its specialty of rooms with pool access.
Boracay Regency Lagoon Boracay Regency Lagoon Resort Rates

NON Beach Front Resort

boracay tropics resort, boracay tropics best western resort

Boracay Tropics

Boracay Tropics Best Western Resort is located off Boracay beach only a couple of minutes walk. This is a AAA Resort with high walls for privacy. Boracay Tropics Resort is located between boat station 2 and 3 so it is actually in the middle of area 2 and 3. Rooms are very nice and large which is perfect for those who want privacy and like to hang around their famous peanut shaped pool.
Boracay Tropics Boracay Tropics Resort Rates

Bans Boracay

Asya Boracay

Boracay Mandarin

Tides Boracay

Le Soleil De Boracay

Boracay Garden Resort

Mango Ray Boracay

Nigi Nigi Nu Noos Boracay

Crystal Sand Boracay

Boracay Beach Resort

Villa Sunset Boracay

Boracay Peninsula Resort

Boracay Holiday Resort

Villa de Oro

La Fiesta Boracay

Boracay De Paris Resort

Roques Place

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