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Area 3, White Beach, Area 3

White Beach Resorts, Between Boat Station 2, 3 and the end of the beach, Area 3 is considered by most people as the undeveloped section of White Beach or better know as “Boracay Beach” around the Travelling Industry. This area use to be considered the dead zone of boracay beach with no real development, but recently in the past few years (year 2008-2010) resort developers stepped in and started investing money into resort properties turning Boat station 3 into something new. However, even though there is many new resorts, Boat Station 3 still has many years of development before this area will catch up to the other popular sections. There can still be found Cottage Type Rooms in this Area, but it is slowly giving way to concrete structure which are more economical when combating the rainy season. For those on a super tight budget, you may want to consider this off the track location.

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White Beach Resorts, Boat Station 3, Boracay, Philippines

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Area 1, White Beach, Boat Station 1 – Exclusive Area, Best White Sand

Area 2, White Beach, Boat Station 2 – Nightlife Area, Many Restaurants

Area 3, White Beach, Boat Station 3 – Developing Area, Lower Rates

Area 4, Bulabog Beach Area – Sport Beach, Underdeveloped Area

Area 5, Off White Beach – Secluded Area, Private

Area 5, Diniwid Beach – Secluded Area, Private, Quiet, Cozy Beach

White Beach Resorts List – Area 3

(Area 3 is comprised of Boat Station 2 Marker to end of Boat Station 3 / Boracay Beach)

Boracay Ocean Club

Surfside Resort and Spa

Asya Premier Suites Boracay

Boracay Crown Regency

357 Boracay

Marzon Beach Resort

Oro Beach Resort

Tonglen Beach Resort

Queens Beach Resort Boracay

Blue Mango Boracay

Island Jewel Inn

Villa Camilla Beach Resort

Sulu Plaza

Casa Pilar Beach Resort

Escurel Inn

Morenos Cottages

Morning Beach Resort

Orchids Resort

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