Boracay Tropics

Non Beach Front Resort

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Boracay Tropics Resort

Between Boat Station 2 and 3 – Street Location, Boracay, Philippines
NON – Beach Front Resort – Map Area 2,  AAA Rating, 50 Rooms

Boracay Tropics Resort Rates

Boracay Tropics Best Western Resort : When the vacation budget calls for a little balance between being a bit thrifty and yet not being too cheap, Boracay Tropics Resort may be the ticket to enjoying that beach getaway you’ve been longing for. It may not be right on the beach, but it’s just a stone’s throw away and still quite luxurious for the rates which any one can afford. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, you can’t go wrong with Boracay Tropics Resort.

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Boracay Tropics Best Western Resort

Each room at the Boracay Tropics Resort are clean and comfy. Most of the accommodations are located in a 2 and 3 story block of rooms. You can also opt for Cabana rooms and even some luxury suites which are extra special if you want to splurge a bit. But even the smaller rooms were spacious, very clean and had a big bathroom. The resort really prides itself on staying clean. You can have a small balcony fronting the resort’s swimming pool and lush greeneries.

Boracay Tropics Resort’s Amenities

boracay tropic accommodation, Boracay tropic rooms
Boracay Tropic accommodation – Deluxe Room

Each room has room-controlled climate control, cable television service, a mini bar, personal showers with hot and cold water and an in-room electronic safety deposit box for valuables. While every Junior Cabana Suite has a receiving or separate lounge area and the Premier Suites all come with their own mini kitchens with cookware and utensils included.

Boracay Tropics Resort’s Additional Facilities

There is the Tropicafe for great refreshments or for just quietly enjoying an afternoon by the beach. There are also meeting and function rooms and a business center for those who like to work and play at the same time. Of course, there is the aforementioned swimming pool, but around it are the Spa, Nail salon and the playroom where both the children and young or old can play games or just hang out.

boracay tropics resort pool
Boracay Tropics Resort Pool

The bean shaped swimming pool itself is moderate in size, not too small and not too big and well maintained. Any vacationer will enjoy the clean and warm water if they’re not enjoying the beach already. You can use the beach towels available every time you take a swim. It’s comparable to the best beach resorts in the world.

Those lush greeneries that have been mentioned are part of the pride of the resort’s men and women. Each plant and flower perfectly complements the resort. Most people will have fun from simply taking photographs of the gardens.

Boracay Tropics Resort is located on a corner of the big road of Boracay Island and is connected to the rest of the island and is even near to a local police detachment for safety and security. And even with the road being so near, it’s not as noisy as one might expect and one can still enjoy the peacefulness of the island and the swimming pool in particular.

Due to its proximity to the White Beach area of the island, guests of Boracay Tropics Resort can enjoy the night life with live musical performances and various entertainment activities all over the area. It’s nice to be able to get away quite easily once you’ve had your fill and experience the serenity of the resort.

Being situated near stations two and three of this island paradise, Boracay Tropics Resort is near many of the tourist spots and fun places to go to and can be reached easily by simply walking.

Guests can avail of the locally themed dishes or sample the buffets, which are great. If you are looking for special foods or dishes from back home, you can ask the staff for the availability and you’d be surprised how they can accommodate any request, even serving it to you every time you wish as part of your regular breakfast or dinner. Now if you feel like enjoying some special body treatments, Boracay Tropics Resort has a Spa right near the swimming pool, they provide some of the best services. All of this can be availed at reasonably good rates that won’t break the bank account. Each day and night is well worth the expense.

This is a well managed, very clean beach resort considering how practical the costs were. You can probably get cheaper places which may be closer to the white sands that Boracay is famous for. But the Boracay Tropics Resort has one of the best swimming pools and noteworthy greeneries which make it more special.

So have fun in Boracay and not go bankrupt while doing it. Just find the right resort for you.

Boracay Tropics Rooms

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boracay tropics superior room

Superior Room

Superior Room comes furnished with a cozy, king-sized bed for you to sleep on, as well as a cable-ready TV for your viewing pleasure. You also get your own mini-bar and a cozy bathroom equipped with a hot and cold water shower. and much more.
boracay tropic deluxe room

Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room is furnished with 2 double beds, equipped with basic amenities, such as, a functional toilet and bath, hot and cold water, a cable-ready TV, and a mini bar, the Deluxe Room is like a home away from home.
boracay tropics dorm room

Dorm Room

Dorm Suite has 6 bunk beds for you and 5 other friends. You each get secure cabinets to keep your belongings safe as you enjoy the sights and sound of Boracay. The room also has its own bathroom.Furnished with its own mini-bar, you can mix up your own cocktails for you and your friends right at the comfort of your suite. The room is also furnished with a cable-ready TV, just in case you’d like to stay in and relax indoors.
boracay tropics family room

Family Room

Family Room, is slightly larger that the Deluxe Rooms. Best Western Family Rooms can comfortably accommodate a family of 6. The Family Room has space big enough for 2 king-size beds and still allow for comfortable movement. If the 2 double beds are not enough, there will still be room enough for an additional bed. As with all rooms, the Family room comes equipped with a cable-ready TV. You also have your own cozy toilet and bath that runs hot and cold showers.
boracay tropics junior Cabana room

Junior Cabana / Honeymoon

Honeymoon / Junior Cabana Room have room enough for a spacious and comfy bedroom, with its own balcony area that has a view of the verdant garden that surrounds the resort’s bean-shaped pool. Enjoy the view on your own hammock. Cozy and intimate, the Junior Cabana is great for couples who are visiting Boracay for a weekend getaway. And with Boracay fast becoming a premium destination for beach-themed weddings, the Junior Cabana accommodations are great for newly weds who are going on a honeymoon. The Junior Cabanas come complete with basic amenities. You get your own cable-ready TV, a mini-bar, and a toilet and bath equipped with a hot and cold shower.
boracay tropics 2 bedroom suite

2 Bedroom Suite

2 Bedroom Suite is the biggest accommodation the resort has to offer. With two spacious bedrooms and a dining area that can seat 6 people, the Premiere Suite is ideal for families who’ve come to enjoy the tropical island of Boracay together. The Premiere Suite has it’s own receiving area, perfect for entertaining new friends or for relaxing indoors. The comfy veranda faces the pool side, giving you a great view of the artistically designed landscape that surrounds the bean-shaped pool. Aside from the cozy receiving area and patio space, the suite comes complete with basic amenities such as cable-ready TV, a clean and fully functional bathroom, and a mini-bar.

Boracay Tropics Pictures Gallery

boracay tropics splash model

Tropic Model

boracay tropics pool

Boracay Tropics Pool

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Boracay Tropics Map

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