bulabog beach boracay philippines

Bulabog Beach Boracay Philippines

AKA Sport Beach, Boracay Island, Philippines

Bulabog Beach Boracay Philippines : No vacation on the tropical island paradise is complete without at least visiting Bulabog Beach Boracay Philippines located on the east side of the island. This is not just a place to enjoy the sun and the sand, but also the various wind sports which take full advantage of the powerful winds that pass by here during the right seasons of the month. For the avid vacationer who wants to make the most of his or her tropical holiday, Bulabog Beach (aka Sport Beach) is the ideal venue. For quick access, choose a boracay package to one of the many resorts that line the beach.

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Bulabog Beach Boracay Philippines Information

Bulabog Beach Boracay Philippines is found in the easternmost area of the island. Considered second only when compared to White Beach (aka Boracay Beach), this strip of sand is world renowned for being the best wind surfing and kite boarding area in South East Asia.

Apart from being the second most well known beach on this tropical island paradise, Bulabog Beach is the perfect venue for some enjoyable activities. From the many businesses that thrive on its shores, lots of tourists prefer to stay in this part of the island. The winds of Bulabog Beach have made it the home of many shops and resorts which provide beach and sea sports gear and even help guests make arrangements for island hopping and boat rides.

Bulabog Beach Location

Set in Boracay’s east end right opposite to White Beach, Bulabog Beachbulabog beach boracay philippines map is very accessible by all most means of transportation. Lots of guests even have their boats sometimes land directly on the beach to reach their resorts or other destinations. Most guests who arrive by plane in Caticlan, just need to take a short boat ride to Bulabog Beach. Or they can get a ride from the many public transport vehicles that ply the island. The beach is also quite near the commercial center of Boracay, the D’Mall and guests can just walk there is it suits them. It’s just approximately five minutes away from Bulabog Beach itself.

Bulabog Beach Attractions

Although some of the beaches on the island are more well known for sea diving and snorkeling to watch the amazing marine life, Bulabog Beach is more ideal for kite boarding and windsurfing activities. Even professional athletes come to Bulabog Beach to practice and participate in widn sports competitions that are held here annually. And since the beach also has its fair share of resorts, guests and competitors will have an easy time looking for rooms to stay in right on the beach front.

Bulabog Beach Restaurants

In terms of eating and dining needs, guests have a wide array of choices on Bulabog Beach with its many restaurants and eateries. Some notable restaurants on Bulabog Beach which serve some of the best and reasonably priced dishes are Boracay Butterfly Garden & Restaurant and also the Lazy Dog Bed & Breakfast. Additionally, lots of other eateries which are not as well known but also serve very scrumptious dishes at affordable rates also exist in Bulabog Beach.

Bulabog Beach Shopping

As for getting some essentials and other items, Bulabog Beach is very close by D’Mall and the local wet market so buying clothes, extra food or whatever you will need is very easy. The beach is also home to several souvenir stores and local jewelry shops that sell all kinds of keepsakes and items to take home at very reasonable prices.
From all of its great qualities, Bulabog beach is an ideal place to visit or stay in when you’re on that tropical island vacation.

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