Cagban Beach Boracay Philippines

Cagban Beach Boracay Philippines

Aklan, Boracay Island, Philippines

Cagban Beach Boracay Philippines : More commonly known as the beach port of the island, Cagban Beach Boracay Philippines has its own blend of crystal waters and soft, powdery and white sand that the island is famous for. And though most tourists go to see the more popular beaches of Boracay in other areas, Cagban Beach has also been improved and is considered a tourist attraction in itself with its great beach, many resorts and easy accessibility by boat or land. Visitors to the island will never be disappointed if they stay and enjoy their vacation on Cagban Beach Boracay.

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Cagban Beach Boracay Philippines Information

Cagban Beach Boracay Philippines is one of the most urbanized part of Boracay Island on Aklan, Philippines. It is known as the unofficial welcome and greeting area of the whole island. All because it is the main port of Boracay! The government and many socio-civic groups have enhanced the roads and other essential aspects of the area, including Cagban Beach itself for the people to fully enjoy their stay on the island easily and more comfortably.

Cagban Beach Location

Located in Boracay’s north area and a bit away from the other tourist locations, Cagban Beach Boracaycagban beach boracay map is still easy to reach by land and by sea vehicles. Those who are coming from Manila, the country’s capital and Cebu, a big city in the south, need to take a plane or a boat to the island port of Caticlan, a neighboring island of Boracay. As soon as they arrive in Caticlan, there will boats waiting to take visitors directly to Cagban Beach. It takes about 1 hour to ride a plane from either Cebu or Manila to Caticlan and an estimated half an hour to ride the boat from Caticlan to Cagban Beach so visitors can already have a great time enjoying the sights during the trip itself.

Cagban Beach Attractions

Apart from being the main port of the island, Cagban Beach is also the venue for many beach resorts and hotels where visitors can avail of beautiful rooms filled with all the essential amenities for a truly soothing and enjoyable tropical holiday. Even large groups and families who wish to have a great time with their companions or love ones can book their stay ahead of time in any one of Cagban Beach’s accommodations which feature world class service and amazing rooms. And because the beach is located in a quite area of Boracay, guests will love the many beach and water activities that are available such as scuba diving, kayaking and snorkeling. And guests will also love the various in land activities like hiking, bicycling and touring the local spots.

Cagban Beach Restaurants

As for eating out on Cagban Beach, many eateries and restaurants are ideally located on the beachfront and are easily reached by foot. Several of these serve the most delectable dishes at reasonable prices. Some restaurants feature some of the best local Pilipino cuisine like Sinigang na Baboy which is pork cooked in a sour soup with vegetables, Inihaw na Liempo which is basically barbeque pork ribs cooked with a special sauce and also Pilipino Sisig which is minced pork which has been roasted and mixed with onions and other ingredients, this is great with a cool glass of beer or your favorite wine.

Cagban Beach Shopping

Tourists who love to shop will find many of the best shops located right on the beach as well. Along with the essentials like toiletries and food, Cagban Beach souvenir shops are also well known for creating unique pieces to take home as keepsakes to remind you of your summer holiday or as give-always to friends or family who will also have a great time if they visit Boracay and get to stay at Cagban Beach for their own vacations. Apart from these stores, there are also better known shops for beach-wear, mountain-hiking gear, even Scuba equipment if needed.
Anything an intrepid traveler needs to spend a relaxing and enjoyable vacation on the island of Boracay can be bought here or rented for a time.

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