Kalibo Airport Philippines

Furthest Airport From Boracay Island

Kalibo Airport

Aklan, Boracay Island, Boracay Beach, Philippines

Kalibo Airport

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Kalibo Airport (Aklan) To Boracay Philippines

is located on the island of Panay in the province of Aklan. This Boracay destination airport is extremely small with no amenities such as its counterpart Caticlan Airport. When travelling to Kalibo Airport to Boracay, you will land and be directed to the small waiting area where your luggage will be released for pick up on the only luggage carousel. Once you have your luggage, you will proceed out the only exit where there will be a sign with your name on it for immediate assistance to the Caticlan Boat Jetty Port. (For TravelOnline Clients)

If you do not have a service then you will have to painfully haggle your way to the port with local bus or van drivers. Travel Time to Caticlan Boat Jetty is approximately 2 hours. At the Boat Jetty, you will pay your environmental tax and be loaded onto a local Banka which will take you across the ocean way to the official Boracay Island Boat Jetty Port. Travel time across is approximately 20 minutes. Once you arrive at the Boracay Island Boat Jetty, you will be transported to the resort of your choice or booking. Door-to-Door service by TravelOnline!

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Kalibo Airport Boracay Airline Carriers

SeAir Airlines

boracay flights philippines

boracay flights philippines

Flies to Kalibo and Caticlan – Fastest Boracay Flights

Zest Air

Flies to Kalibo Only – Flight time 1 hour.

Cebu Pacific Airlines

Flies to Kalibo and Caticlan – Flight time 1 hour

Philippines Airlines PAL

Flies to Kalibo and Caticlan – Flight time 1 hour.

Air Philippines – Airphillexpress

Flies to Caticlan Only – Flight time 1 hour

Kalibo Airport Ticket Promo

Kalibo Airport – Non – Recommended Airport

Kalibo airport map

Kalibo Airport Map

Positive: The positive aspects of landing at Kalibo Airport is that the airline ticket is considerably cheaper than a Caticlan airport ticket. The other aspect is that the larger plane 150 seats can land at the Kalibo Airport do to the long runway and no obstacles with range of the airport.

Negative: The negative aspect of this route is that you must endure a 2 hour land transfer by van or bus to the Aklan Boat Jetty where you are transferred on a Banka Boat to Boracay Island Boat Jetty. The airline ticket is cheap, but with any cheap object — quality must suffer. In this case the convenience of getting to Boracay fast. The other aspect is that when departing Kalibo Airport most flights depart early which means you must depart your Boracay Resort early by at least 5-6 hours before flight time. This means if you had a 10am departure time, you will be required to leave Boracay 5 hours before so departure time would be 5am. If you had gone the Caticlan Route you would only need to leave 2 hours before your flight departure time. If you calculate lost time going and leaving you will see that you have lost a large chunk of your vacation due to meaningless transfer. If your van or bus breaks down then who knows how much more precious vacation time you will loose. In the end, its all about budget and affordability.

Airline Ticket Cost: Price can realistically range between PHP1000 – PHP10,000 per person. There are freaky promo’s on where you could get an airline ticket for PHP200 or even PHP1 but that is rare and difficult to capture. TravelOnline can easily sell you the cheapest ticket available going to Kalibo.

Kalibo Airport Video

Short clip to show complete walk through of airport