Manoc Manoc Beach Boracay Philippines

Manoc Manoc Beach Boracay Philippines

Aklan, Boracay Island, Philippines

Manoc Manoc Beach Boracay Philippines is located on the southernmost end of Boracay Island and is a great venue to enjoy different activities like swimming and snorkeling to look at the local aquatic life. Additionally, it also provides a scenic view of the hills and mountains of the island as well as the port of Caticlan on the opposite shore. Locals now thrive here, selling everything from water, refreshments, food and other essentials for visitors to the Boracay Philippines Island.

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Manoc Manoc Beach Boracay Philippines Information

Boracay Island is filled with a multitude of tourist spots and places to visit, among these is Manoc Manoc Beach Boracay Philippines on the south end of the island. For those who want a complete Boracay experience, you have to visit this beach and see what it has to offer.

Manoc Manoc Beach holds many attractions which are unique to its location. From its shores, guests will have an amazing view of Caticlan Island where all guests first arrive, along with the complete mountain range in its background. The beach’s location also allows visitors to see the most beautiful sunsets which have made Boracay so favored among many tropical destinations.

Guests will also love scuba diving here, the sea in this part of the island is filled with gorgeous and brilliantly colored reefs alive with all kinds of marine life, starfish, anemones and many more unique and interesting species of life. The people of the village here, with the help of the government and civic groups have maintained this region of the island for decades, preserving its pristine qualities.

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Manoc Manoc Beach, Boracay Map, Philippines

Due to its proximity to White Beach, going to Manoc-Manoc Beach Boracay Philippines is quite simple. Visitors who may be staying at any of the resorts along White Beach can just take a leisurely walk southwards until they reach the local houses and establishments along the beachfront of Manoc Manoc.

Another method is to rent a bicycle or motorcycle and just follow the big road of the island. After that, it’s very easy to reach the beach by walking from the road. Visitors to the island will easily see it since it is usually the drop off point for supplies and gear for the nearby resorts and other business establishments.

Since Manoc Manoc Beach is growing in popularity, it has started to see more resorts and tourist-related business being put up. There are now many local attractions on the beach itself such as the bars and restaurants which are known to serve up some of the best meals from native foods to Euro-Asian cuisine, so guests don’t need to go any farther than the beach itself.

Many of the beach hotels on Manoc Manoc Beach also provide cottage-type rooms at very reasonable rates, so guests can have their choice of accommodations. Some of these establishments even provide sports amenities, rentals for water sports equipment and even lessons in Scuba diving.

Apart from the gorgeous white sands and crystal waters off it shore, Manoc Manoc Beach also has a multitude of attractions underneath its waves and the ever present cool and soft winds create a total feeling of relaxation. The beautiful setting, shimmering water and very hospitable people will keep visitors returning time and again just to experience everything it offers.

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