Nigi Nigi Too Boracay

Beach Front Boracay Resort

nigi nigi boracay too

Nigi Nigi Too Boracay

Boat Station 1, Map Area 1, Boracay, Philippines
Boracay Beach Front Resort –  3 Star, 15 Hotel Type Rooms

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Nigi Nigi Too Boracay Resort

Nigi Nigi Too Boracay Description: Still looking for a place to stay on your holiday getaway in Boracay island, Philippines? You may want to take a close look at Nigi-Nigi Too Boracay Resort located right on White Beach in one of the best bathing spots of this island paradise. This resort is the epitome of the easy going island life which has been made so desirable by our hectic lifestyles and fast paced schedules. When you’re searching for the right place to spend some downtime, Nigi Nigi Too Boracay Resort is just waiting for you.

Why Come and Stay at Nigi Nigi Too Boracay Resort?

That’s easy to answer, who wouldn’t enjoy pristine beaches and the best powdery sand that a tropical paradise such as Boracay has to offer?

* Over five kilometers of the most unspoiled white coral sand that never gets too hot even during midday, allowing you access to crystal azure waters.
* Peaceful blue seas and unpolluted skies above.
* The freshest sea-foods and great tasting drinks that won’t break the bank.
* A pulsating night life where you can choose from over a hundred great resto-bars and music lounges all served with the warm smiles and welcome kindness which is a well known local trait.
* Access to the best water activities in any island, scuba diving, para-sailing, etc.
* Sensibly priced room rates even for beach front places to stay. * Places inland that are just waiting to be explored to further your adventure.

So why stay at Nigi Nigi Too Boracay Resort? Easy Question to Answer!

Staying at Nigi Nigi Too Boracay Resort will provide vacationers with-

* Accommodations right near the beach, with the water just a few steps away.
* Scenic views of the whole beach of White Beach- every room is big with secluded balconies, well appointed decorations that are Asian inspired. Each room comes with an A/C unit, hot and cold showers, cable television, wireless internet services and a small refrigerator for your cold beverages and foods.
* The beach in front of Nigi Nigi Too Boracay resort is known as one of the most ideal swimming locations on Boracay.
* Because it’s made up of only fifteen great rooms, all vacationers can expect personalized service from the warm and hospitable staff.
* The resort also has a beach bar which can serve all kinds of cocktails along with sumptuous Euro-Asian dishes and foods.
* Get a breathtaking view of the sea while you get a healing massage.
* Every service and item is given at affordable rates even by Boracay standards.
* Nigi Nigi Boracay Resort is at the center of many well known hot spots, from modern dining places, intimate beach bars, water activity equipment rentals which are all just a short walk away from the resort itself.
* Nigi-Nigi Boracay Resort is able to process all forms of payment, cash or credit card, whichever the choice of our guests.

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