Tambisaan Beach Boracay Philippines

Tambisaan Beach Boracay Philippines

Aklan, Boracay Island, Philippines

Tambisaan Beach Boracay Philippines: One of the most well known diving sites in the country, Tambisaan Beach Boracay Philippines is near Crocodile Island where amateur and professional scuba divers converge. Easily accessible, the beach is the docking area for visitors who will be coming from Caticlan going to the island of Boracay itself. And though it is not as big or beautiful as White Beach, a lot of vacationers also stay on this beach due to its peaceful and serene atmosphere which is ideal for those wishing to explore the deeper side of Boracay, underwater and in the surroundings as well.

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Tambisaan Beach Boracay Philippines

Not just one more strip of sand on the island, Tambisaan Beach Boracay Philippines is one of the best places to truly commune with nature at its most basic level without the constant noise and crowds of other beaches. It also allows visitors a chance to be more at home with the people living there.

Situated in the middle of Manoc Manoc and Bantud Barangays or districts, travelers who wish to get there need to ride a boat starting from one of the closest stations, namely Station 3. Upon arriving, guests can easily find the cozy local village which is just next to the beach itself. Some can also take the motorized transports available there, but be sure to hone your talent for asking for cheap rates since people here are used to it.

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Tambisaan Beach, Boracay Map, Boracay Island, Philippines

Tambisaan Beach’s village is home to very hospitable locals who call this part of the island home. They have a an easy-going, contented lifestyle which enhances to the intimate and comfortable ambiance which is the hallmark of this part of Boracay. On most days there can be numerous local canoe-like outrigger boats plying the waters on the water, guests can enjoy watching them for hours on end and still have a great time doing it.

Another aspect of the appeal of Tambisaan Beach along with the local ‘paraws’ or boats are the local flora and geography behind the beach. When combined with soft, white clouds and clear blue heavens can provide a scene which is just picturesque. The water on the beach is undoubtedly an attraction on its own, walking on that shore and seeing the bluish-green waters lapping your feet can make you want to dive right in. And when you do, you will get to see a multitude or marine life and brilliant colored coral reefs.

One other quality which makes Tambisaan Beach so beautiful is the aforementioned geography. It’s as if Mother Nature intentionally formed and merged the verdant foliage and wooded slopes to the crystalline water and powdery white sand of the beach to create this little slice of heaven. Even just standing on the beach, visitors will be able to see Crocodile Island in the distance.

Due to the peaceful ambiance of the beach, more and more hotels are beginning to be constructed around Tambisaan Beach. Although they are not as plentiful as in other beaches, there are enough to offer guests everything they will need. From rooms to food, refreshments and gear for diving!

Tambisaan Beach is proof that Boracay will always be one of the top places to visit and stay in for tourists from all over the globe. Looking at its amazing beach, clear blue skies on most months of the year and enthralling waters, it’s a beach which can make your vacation truly memorable for years to come.

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