Tulubhan Beach Boracay Philippines

Tulubhan Beach Boracay Philippines

Aklan, Boracay Island Philippines

Tulubhan Beach Boracay Philippines : Among the many beaches of Boracay Island, perhaps the least known or popular is Tulubhan Beach on the southern side. This is maybe its greatest advantage, it is a secret that not many know about, being small and usually not full of the crowds one usually sees at the more popular beaches.  It gives visitors a chance to really commune with nature and enjoy the beach to its fullest without having to deal with so many other people who want the same thing. For that exclusive-deserted-island feel on Boracay, try Tulubhan Beach Boracay Philippines.

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Tulubhan Beach Boracay Philippines Information

There are many one of a kind beaches and coves in Boracay Island. Many of these beaches are covered with powdery white sand and crystal clear waters which are what Boracay Philippines is well-known for all over the globe.

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Tulubhan Beach Boracay Philippines – boracay map

On the farther south side of Bulabog Beach is where the Tulubhan Beach Boracay is situated. It is a tiny and calm Boracay beach with lots of coves. People will be greeted with a shade of trees which have been there for long time. It’s perfect for when the hot months of February and March arrive.

If your staying on Boracay Beach, simple cut through Dmall (area 2 on the map) and take a left on the road then a quick right. Follow the road straight until you hit Bukabog Beach (aka Sport Beach) Then turn right and walk to the end and just follow the shoreline or trails. If walking is not your thing, you can take a tricycle taxi to Tulubhan Beach.


Tulubhan Beach Boracay Philippines is an exclusive beach for the 5 Star Luxury Boracaytulubhan beach resort, Monaco Suites. However, they dont own the beach so it is free to any wondering traveler. Monaco Suites would be a great place to stop for lunch or drinks when checking out the beaches of Boracay. Boracay Packages are available to Monaco Suites Boracay resort if you want a private luxurious vacation.

Additional facilities and services offered by this hotel include the use of the coffee shop, laundry services/dry cleaning, bar/
, restaurant, room service, safety deposit boxes, hotel/airport transfers to and from the island. And for relaxation, visitors can enjoy the leisure facilities provided by the hotel such as massages, a Jacuzzi, gym/fitness facilities, tennis courts, a spa, and water sports with jet skis and boats. The hotel also has friendly and world class personalized service guests will love during their stay on Tulubhan Beach Boracay.

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